Tuesday, May 24, 2005

To Those Against Embryonic Stem Cell Research

    To those who argue against embryonic stem cell research because they feel that it destroys a human life in order to save one and because they believe that it is not our place to determine which is more worthy of life, I submit the following hypothetical question.
    Imagine that you are behind a two-way mirror looking in to a room where there is a furnace, a 5-year old girl, and a 5-day old human embryo in a test tube. In 1 hour one of the two will be thrown into the furnace. You decide which one it is. The girl cannot see you through the two-way mirror so you have no feelings of guilt associated with her looking at you and begging for her life. The embryo doesn't even know where the fuck it is, so don't worry about it. Which would you chose? I'm assuming you'd say the girl, and that makes sense. You believe that they are both worth the same, but you have to chose, and you decide to chose the girl. Great.
    Now let's change it up a bit. Now there's 2 embryos in the test tube. Which would you save now? If you would save the embryos (because of reasoning outlined in the first paragraph) then we are indeed very different people. But I'm guessing that almost everyone, in their heart, would chose to save the girl. But what about 3 embryos? 4? 5? How many would it take to make you decide to kill the girl? What if just one test tube full of embryos would be killed to save the little girl? If that seems like a good deal to you, you'll need to justify how you decided that that one girl's life was worth more than the 500 million embryos that were in that test tube (yeah I did the math, I feel soo clever now I probably won't sleep tonight). I believe that most people would save the girl, despite whatever "moral" arguments have been pounded into their heads.
    But this doesn't apply to the real debate you say. In the real world we can save both you say. However, that is incorrect. We do have a furnace in real life. It is called disease. It not only destroys little girls, but boys, women, men, fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, best friends, husbands, wives, etc. By fighting against embryonic stem cell research you are effectively throwing the little girl into the fire.
     As for me, I'd destroy all the 5-day old embryos I needed to save someone's loved one.


BEAST said...

Greetings, from a Singapore atheist.

Excellent narration of Embyonic Stem Cell Research.

As a fellow atheist like yourself, it irks me to see such religious bullshit been hawkered about as if they were absolute moral truths. Blabberdash is more like it.

Anyway, I have a blogger too, at www.cyclops686.blogspot.com. Feel free to check in and leave a message.

vjack said...

Considering that the collection of cells is little more than a potential to be human, the choice should be easy. I just discovered this blog, and I'm adding you to my Blogroll. We (atheists) need more rational voices, so keep up the good work.

Enlightenment said...

What isn't so funny is that I actually know people who are convinced that we shouldn't be wasting unfertilized sperm and ova on the grounds that they have the potential to become human life.

Enlightenment said...

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Anonymous said...

It's very sad to see that some people don't realize that this little girl was once a embyro just like yourselves. Its not a matter of just morals, but of knowing that all living humans were made of embryos. Besides embryo research hasn't cured anyone yet like human stem cell research has.Things have a reason and life takes it cycle and nobody should test life this way. Dieing and sickness it natures cycle it will happen in time regardless.

Anonymous said...

Just a little FYI: This passage is fallacious. It uses a FALSE analogy as well as a FALSE dilemma. A girl-child cannot be compared to an embryo because a girl-child can literally speak for herself, an embryo cannot. Also, this passage displays a false dilemma in which there are only two options (save the embryo(s) or save the girl) when in reality one or many more options may exist. For instance, instead of saving one or the other you COULD extinguish the fire, smash the imaginary mirror, and come back to reality.

Anonymous said...

What's actually sad is that there are thousands, if not millions, of embryos sitting a lab somewhere waiting to be destroyed for no reason. Eventually being thrown into a furnace, or just thawed and thrown in the bin. These such embryos are never going to get the chance to become human beings and no one has a problem with this. What if these embryos had a chance to do something with their oh so feable lives, how bout, let's say, save someone elses life or at least make someones life somewhat better.

If you were suffering from some fucked up disease like Parkinsons and you knew there were thousands of little embryos that could go towards the research to help cure you, wouldn't you be pissed off that instead, they are just being thrown out.

Anonymous said...

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redsoxrcks@hotmail.com said...

I think that the embryonic stem cell debate is ultimately about the question of human equality. The United States has had one answer to that question written in its “birth certificate” – the Declaration of Independence – which states that “all men are created equal.” I think that examining this principle of human equality provides the right answer to this debate, but it is not a simple answer.so get your head out of your ass! like the other person said...put out the fucking fire or smash the mirror and come back to reality

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