Friday, December 30, 2005

The ACLU Freedom Files

    The ACLU has a video series online called The ACLU Freedom Files. As of now they have four 30-minute videos on the topics of the Patriot Act, the Supreme Court, racial profiling, and dissent. I haven't had time to watch them all yet, but I did see the one on dissent and thought it was very well made. In one part of the show they showed some footage of police in Oakland shooting some peaceful protesters with wooden bullets. Now I always thought that the non-lethal bullets such as this and rubber bullets would simply hurt like a really bad paintball or something of that nature, but if you look at the crater-like marks that they leave on the victims it seems clear that they would hurt a hell of a lot more than that. These videos might be a really good introduction to these issues to family members and coworkers who haven't put much critical thought into one of these issues. The video format makes the material quickly accessible and interesting to even the most busy and apathetic of people.


breakerslion said...

Better New Year. "Happy" doesn't seem to be working out all that well. I'm going out to buy a flak jacket now.

mathyoo said...

most people who haven't put critical thought into those issues wouldn't trust a video from the ACLU.

Delta said...

That's definitely true about people that have been brainwashed in conservative republicanism mathyoo, but I meant more of those who didn't have significant prior feelings either way. It's mostly those who watch a lot of Fox News who think that the ACLU is a terrorist organization.

Mark Spittle said...

Delta, I had a post defending you after Tremblay's vicious attack against you over at Radical Libertarian, but he deleted it five minutes later.

Apparently "freethought" is only for people who agree with him completely and without question.

It also seems when Tremblay writes about how to "deconvert" people he doesn't mean it's his job to "deprogram." Somehow he makes a distinction.

I thought the whole point of his entry was to win people over.... after all, it was called "How Should we Preach Libertarianism?" making it sound as if he was (a) interested in feedback and (b) preaching.

Sigh. Hope you have better luck with him that others have.

Delta said...

Tremblay is an extremely intolerant character and I've seen him viciously attack many people on many different blogs for simply disagreeing with him. I figured that he would reply in a similar way to me, but I didn't care. Whether or not he understands his post, it was a good post. But I do agree with you that it's strange that he talks about preaching libertarianism and that would seemingly entail changing people's views but he refuses to discuss issues or "explain it to those who don't get it" (awfully reminiscent of O'Reilly or the hilarious Colbert). He's also been a strong supporter of deleting posts, moderator-approval of posts, and sometimes just turning off comments altogether. It seems that all he wants to get out of his blog is the ability to mentally masturbate himself.

But thanks for defending me, I appreciate it =)

Mark Spittle said...

Ewww... "mentally masturbate himself."

Thanks for putting that visual in my head. Now I have to go get a lobotomy to get it out.

Well, at least my grammer should improve.