Monday, May 29, 2006

Just Click on It to Make it Bigger

In addition, you should check this christian video game out. Story on it here and the Left Behind Games' website here. The news report on the Left Behind website asks "Is violence in the name of god any better than just plain violence?". Uhmm...I'm going to jump in on this and say holy shit no, it's much, much worse.

And as a reminder, for those of you that get emails, go vote in the poll to determine the organization's focus for 2006. You can vote until Wednesday at midnight. I'll have a post about the outcome on Thursday.


Aviaa said...

Alarming stuff.

"Uhmm...I'm going to jump in on this and say holy shit no, it's much, much worse."

Yes. Violence for a religious cause tends to (tends to!) be more carefully planned and generally long-lasting then the casual whim.

SH said...

Yeah this game sounds like a good way to promote Christian Amorality. But you have to admit, unfortunately, they are pretty good at marketing - much better than us...

TheJollyNihilist said...

That's a great cartoon.

As I said on my blog, the anti-gay position is indefensible. There is not a single good argument to support it. Frankly, I'm embarrassed by the apparent homophobia of many American politicians, such as Brownback, Santorum and Coburn.

Homophobia, much like racism and sexism, is disgusting and indefensible.