Monday, January 22, 2007

Bernie Sanders on Corporate Control of the Media

     Democracy Now! has a good video of Bernie Sanders speaking at the National Conference for Media Reform. Sanders highlights the centrality of the media issue saying

If you are concerned, as been said, about healthcare, if you are concerned about foreign policy and Iraq, if you are concerned about the economy, if you are concerned about global warming, you are kidding yourselves if you are not concerned about corporate control over the media, because every one of these issues is directly controlled and directly relevant to the media

Video here.


Nick said...

I've been watching this issue closely recently, as I'm doing some consulting work for the National Association of Broadcasters, but I can't help wondering if these proposed reforms are the right fit. They would really put local media in an extremely difficult place, making them essentially unable to compete, and eventually killing them off entirely.

Local media adds diversity to the marketplace, and killing it off seems to do exactly the opposite of what these reforms seem intended to do. Moreover, eliminating them would get rid of a lot of useful services they provide. How often do you see a national news channel reporting on local street closings or snow days at your kids' school?

Delta said...

Hi Nick,

Which reforms are you talking about specifically? I haven't had time to listen to many of the speakers myself.

It doesn't seem to me that the goal of these reformers would be to kill off local media, since the whole point is to have a local media which is responsive to the people. Perhaps they don't want the local media stations being owned by some huge corporate giants, but that's a totally different thing.