Sunday, January 21, 2007

Socialism Defined

     Mookie of Meme Processing has a interesting post on socialism that some of you might be interested in. He talks about a number of issues, including the negative connotations of the word and of its true definition, common misconceptions and arguments made against socialism, whether violence is necessary to achieve fundamental change, discusses the apparent paradox of a free market which supposedly protects individual liberty and responsibility while at the same time is not controlled by people but by an "invisible hand" which is independent of human control and thereby relieves people from responsibility for anything that the market affects, among other topics. If you're interested, regardless of your views, feel free to join the discussion.

    Also, I'd like to thank whoever ordered those 4 atheism books after clicking on one of my Amazon links. They give me 4% of the purchase towards Amazon gift certificates. I still haven't gotten to the $10 minimum redemption amount goal, but I'm getting close =)


Mookie said...

Thanks for the plug. I have been taking your advice and visiting more forums and blogs. I hope my fragile ego can take the heat.

I didn't know you could make money from Amazon!

Delta said...

Yeah, readership comes and goes. I usually get a spike when I criticize religion and then it usually begins to decay as I talk about other issues, but that's just the way it goes I suppose. It's nice to have good discussions with others, but at the same time there's something satisfying about putting down your thoughts in a public place.

The Amazon business sure doesn't pay the bills, but it's a little something.

Mookie said...

Agreed. It appears we have become each others fan.