Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The Crusades Part Deux?

    If there is anything more scary than a soldier "doing the Lord's work," I'd like to know what it is.


Aaron Kinney said...

Ive seen that website. Fucking sick is what it is. Showing a soldier with a machine gun with the caption "Christ-centered service."

Images of Quran holding, AK47 shooting, zionist-hating Godly Muslims come to mind.

One thing especially ironic, is when just before the battle of Falluja, that one American general said that Satan was in Falluja and they were going to drive him out, and CNN had pictures of American Tanks with crosses hanging off the cannon barrels. Compare that with the fact that Muslims in that area consider America to be the GREAT SATAN. Hmm.... Both sides think the other side is Satan.

An insane religiously-fueled death spiral. Fucking sick.

BEAST FCD said...


Christians make me sick. And this site makes me puke.

Need I say more?

BEAST FCD said...


I don't mean your site. I mean the christian website.

Sloven Gadfly said...

First and foremost - thanks for adding my blog to the list, I reciprocated. Thats liberal morality at work ...hehehe

As for the website - This is a part of religious conservative jingoism. Patriotism at its ridiculour extreme converges to jingoism. Here they blur the lines of "love for country" with "if you don't agree with my version, you hate the country".

Maybe its natures way of getting rid of the crap, they'll destroy each other, but it will come at a cost of many innocents who don't give a fuck as to their agendas.

For god so loved this world that he sent to only begotten son to screw things up for millenia to come! - My version of John 3:16 ;)