Monday, June 13, 2005

The Launching of Atheism Online

        There are many atheist blogs and sites online that, despite being very interesting and well-written, lack exposure to the atheist community and thereby do not get the readership and appreciation that they deserve. On the other side of the token, there are plenty of atheists and freethinkers who are looking for fresh blogs to read and do not want to spend a great deal of time looking for them. Hopefully, both of these problems will be alleviated by the launching of a new site called Atheism Online.

        The concept of Atheism Online was originally conceived by the owner of Atheist Revolution and was added to by both the creator of The Evangelical Atheist and I. At the moment there are three primary features on the website. The first and most important is the list of atheist blogs, resources, and miscellaneous websites online. I think one of the useful things about it is that the blogs are separated between atheist blogs and off-topic blogs by atheists. In my opinion this is nice because sometimes I want to read about something other than religion or atheism, but want to hear it from someone who has a healthy, rational viewpoint on life. Also, all sites in the directory are checked by us to ensure that they are in the correct category so that you will not be wasting your time by clicking on bad links or websites that misrepresent their content. There is also a forum on the website for discussions on atheism-related topics ranging from arguments for/against the existence of gods, politics, science, current events, and morality. As the website gains popularity, the third feature, the chat rooms, will also be an interesting place to discuss things with both theists and nontheists alike.

        I encourage all of you to check it out, participate in the forums, and if you have a site or blog relating to atheism, submit it so that we can better serve as a sort of "main train station" for atheism on the web.


Aaron Kinney said...

Done and done! I hope the website swells quickly.

Shinsyotta said...

Cool! I submitted my sites.