Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The Daily Show and the Evolution-I D "debate"

    For those of you that don't know, the Daily Show with Jon Stewart is having a week-long special discussing the debate between evolution and intelligent design. The special hopes to shed some light on the following questions

  • What other theories are out there?

  • Who's on the frontlines of this debate?

  • Should your child's curriculum really be decided by experts in their respective fields?

  •     Last night's show was hilarious. This morning one of the videos was up on the web here. Just click on "History of Evolution" and enjoy. I'd also expect the special report by Ed Helms to be online sometime soon (maybe today?) which was even more funny than the one I linked to. Last night they also had Chris Mooney on as a guest to talk about his book The Republican War on Science. Tonight's guest will be Kurt Vonnegut. Last night's show will also run today around 7c/8p with the new show coming on tonight at 10c/11p.

    UPDATE: Ed Helms' report is up now as well. It's titled "Evolution Tour:Scopes Trial". I recommend you check it out.


    Aaron Kinney said...

    Paryngula says that Dembski is supposed to appear on one o the episodes this week.

    It was so funny when they were talking about different religions, and they were like "finally comes Chrsitianity. It says that man was made in a week from clay and woman was made from a rib. It just made sense."


    Delta said...

    Lol, yeah, that part was awesome. The Daily Show is really going to brighten up my week!

    Anonymous said...

    It's very funny. Thank you for the links.

    The Libertarian Defender said...

    It has been a tremendous series so far. As far as I'm concerned, the Daily Show has gotten everything right. Except, maybe, inviting that crazy woman to participate in the panel discussion. I wanted to hear Larson and Dembski go at it for a while longer, but then she had to get her nonsensical two cents in there.

    Delta said...

    I agree with you there defender. That panel was pretty lame. I thought the evolution guy was especially weak, even going as far as saying "well I suppose god can do anything he wants and could perform miracles when he wanted to". He was just talking about god wayyy too much for someone who is supposed to be representing the scientific viewpoint. Helm's special reports haven't been that good since Monday though imo, although I think tonight's will be hilarious since he is covering the christian exodus or whatever they're calling it.

    The Libertarian Defender said...

    I agree with you about Ed Larson. Jon Stewart should have invited Steven Pinker or Richard Dawkins or even Richard Carrier. I'm in the minority here, but I think evolution and atheism go hand-in-hand. Thus, when evolution is being defended against a creationist, I always hope for an outspoken atheist such as Pinker to be involved. I think Steven Pinker is just brilliant, especially his piece in Time Magazine that I quoted for my "Case Against Christian Theology."

    Joe Davis said...

    I think they had the wack-job lady on the panel to show that you can't have any religious based theories in a science class or else you would have to include all wacked-out theories.