Friday, November 25, 2005

Giving My Thanks

    While I may not have any sky daddy to give credit to, the Thanksgiving season gives me an opportunity to pause and reflect on those who have and continue to make a positive impact on my life. My family, my friends, my fellow bloggers and readers, and my beautiful fiancee, just to name a few. But also, I feel very grateful for those who are politically active and fight against the injustice in this world. People who spend a good portion of their limited free time organizing, protesting, and attending rallies. Those who are out in the streets resisting, educating, and fighting for the issues that I tell myself I am "too busy for this week". Those who speak out and end up getting tear gas in the face while I'm simply relaxing on my weekend. Watching videos like this give me some of my rare moments of pride about being American, and give me hope that we will change as a country. And not simply go back to the way we used to be (we've never been all that great) but that we will live up to the ideals that almost all Americans have grown up believing in.

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vjack said...

Good post. It was just what I needed. I've been struggling all week with this notion of being "thankful" and the religious sense with which the phrase is usually used. I like the idea of being thankful to one's fellow human, especially those working hard to make a difference.