Thursday, February 16, 2006

Random Interesting Media

Just a few things to entertain you.

First, this song has been stuck in my head today. And secondly, you should check out a clip from the Daily show titled This Week In God:Limbo. It's hilarious. Rarely does something relatively mainstream make a joke like that that makes religion look absolutely ridiculous and completely made-up.

Actually, while you're watching Daily Show videos, check out this one also. Corddry's segment is very funny.

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breakerslion said...

Silly me, I thought that they cancelled Limbo years ago. I asked this homeless guy who thinks he's the Pope about it and he said,

"Ve haf chust begun to remodel der avterlive. Ist long oferdue, but vat mit all der goot Interior Decorators going to Hell.... Der negst prochekt vil be der Purgatory. Ve vas tinkin maybe der Bingo Nicht und der shovelboard on Fridays to make like a veekend, only zuckier. It ist still Purgatory avter all!