Sunday, April 09, 2006

At Best, Prayer Doesn't Work

     The blogging has been pretty light lately. Sometimes I wish I didn't imply a certain timescale for posts in my blog title. Maybe Freethought Sporadically would be more appropriate. Anyway, I have an interesting video clip you will probably like. Some of you may have heard of the study done on heart patients where some were prayed for, some weren't, etc, in order to see if prayer affected anything. Turns out that those who were prayed for had a slightly higher risk of complications, but other than that of course nothing was different. Jon Stewart recently covered this in a funny segment on the Daily Show. Just go here and click on the video "Votive or Die". LBBP has a funny post about this as well.


The Jolly Nihilist said...

When I read that prayer study, I had a grin on my face that was a mile wide. Once again, God is given a chance to reveal himself, and chooses not to. Let me get this straight: You must embrace Christianity to go to Heaven. God is all-good, and thus wants everybody to go to Heaven. But, God refuses to present any valid evidence to support Christianity, which causes people like us to disbelieve. Is it just me, or do God's actions seem to support the idea he wants people in Hell? If so, how the fuck is he all-good?

Just another example of how schizophrenic Christianity is.

I loved what Bill Maher said on Real Time: "You know how people say there's such a thing as the power of prayer? Well, scientists proved it wrong in a nine-year study." [that's my best recollection of his quote, anyway]

Prophetic Farmer said...

Ha, I loved the exclusive interview with God on skeptic rant.

Anonymous said...

God didn't feel it was necessary to show himself in this manner, that's why the study showed that there is no difference between praying and not praying. The simple experiments of humans cannot possibly fathom the deep mystery of GOD. Hence there is nothing we can do that will conclusively prove that GOD exists.

A rational person would conclude that this just means there is no GOD. A brainwashed religious moron would conclude the opposite
in a stunning twist of logic.


Fair Enough said...

I think we all make a mistake when underestimating the mystery behind God and his works. I mean, why show himself to humans? Why should he have to prove his existence to us? It's not like us believing or not believing has an serious effect on the afterlife...oh shit, it apparently has everything to do with it. We either go to Heaven or Hell, right? I'd say he has a little responsibility there.

Anyways, what i'm trying to say is that "God works in mysterious ways" should be sufficent to debunk all scientific study on this topic now, and forever.

The Jolly Nihilist said...

Re: Implying a timescale...

I did that purposely with my blog "subhead." It kind of forces me to update regularly. :)