Sunday, April 30, 2006


     Yesterday Stephen Colbert, host of the TV show The Colbert Report on Comedy Central, hosted the White House Correspondents Dinner. Almost everyone was there: the president, first lady, the outgoing and incoming press secretary, Scalia, everyone, well, except for Cheney. Anyhow, Colbert was outrageously candid and hard hitting in his jokes. So much that watching the video you can see and really feel the awkwardness (since most of the people he was making fun of were in the room). The highest quality version of this video is here (there's two parts~15 min). If this is laggy, try YouTube.

     I have so much respect for Colbert after doing this. It's one thing to speak truth to power, but another to do it with them sitting a few seats away from you. Colbert could have just done a few lighthearted jokes. This is what almost anyone else would have done. But no, he used this opportunity to really make a statement. If you read about the story in the corporate media they'll really shift the focus off of Colbert and onto some stupid Bush look-alike, but after you watch this video you'll see that this is really the interesting story. So watch this and pass it along to your friends, otherwise they won't hear about it. And please don't pity Bush while watching this, he deserves much more than public humiliation.

Update- If you'd like to thank Stephen, there is now a site up so that you can do so. As of this posting 36,000 people have posted a thank you!


Fair Enough said...

Oh my god....this is just what we need. Freaking hilarious

Anonymous said...

Very funny. It sounds from the reports that Bush did not enjoy it. Too bad... :-)

Ang said...

Who in their right mind would pity bush? After what he's done to this country for the past few years, he deserves this and so much more.

Okay, that sounded bitchy huh? :)

Anonymous said...

I thoroughly enjoyed watching Colbert tear into Bush and his cronies. He and the others were made uncomfortably aware that the American people do understand what's going on, and are rather upset by it (did the low 30s approval rating not say the same?!).

I sent the transcript to all my conservative relatives, in the hopes that they would see that what this administration has done is not a laughing matter.


The Jolly Nihilist said...

Score one for "truthiness" in the face of power (albeit incompetant power)!