Sunday, June 04, 2006

Grilled Cheese Virgin Mary Continues to Inspire

     This is a followup to my earlier Virgin Mary grilled cheese related story here. Apparently the lady is getting it tattooed to her chest (video here) She explains herself with "We all believe in certain things okay, and this is what I believe in, and this is what I want close to my heart". It's never felt so good to not be included in her We.

     And another thing, for something she loves so dearly it seems odd that she would simply sell it. Well, I suppose she probably consulted with her Savior first and he told her that it was okay. Too bad he didn't tell her to spend that extra dough on some new front teeth though. Bah, what am I thinking, teeth look trashy.


tn said...

Tattooed on her chest? Wha? Oh man! Her sky-lord must be very proud of her for acting like a total moron. Again, her words betray a bizarre thought process where no matter what, a position taken, no matter how insane, is valid. I guess her We has such select members as Nazis, the Klan, and just about every insane marginalized group of losers out there.

Excellent post, Delta!

breakerslion said...

The alleged Virgin Mary? The one that was Semitic? Anyone can see that this is the image of Marlene Dietrich. Or maybe it's Madeline Kahn... or Madonna, or Elizabeth Montgomery, or Barbara Stanwyck, or Betty Boop.

Doesn't anyone listen to their parents when they tell you not to play with your food?