Sunday, April 13, 2008

Good anti-religion song

     Driving to a road cycling race this weekend I heard a song called "Haillie Sallasse, Up Your Ass" by a group called Propagandhi (on the driver's iPod, not the radio). It's not the best song in the world, but it's sort of catchy, and I like how they don't shy away when they say 'Fuck religion' over and over again. And in any case, someone made a YouTube video to go along with it that lists some of the reasons why religion is so harmful to society.



Anonymous said...

Well, the video would have been ok if only it specified which "religion" it was talking about. If its talking about all religions, it is drastically over-generalizing and clearly in violation of obscurantism.

For example, most of the negative aspects of religion the video stated would not apply to pantheism. I think it is mostly referring to dogmatic Christianity, but it would be right to specify.

breakerslion said...

What kind of pantheism are you talking about? Roman pantheism, Greek pantheism, Norse pantheism, Indian? Kalahari? I think when you say the video wouldn't apply to pantheism, you are over-generalizing.

All religions have this in common: they sell alleged knowledge in what is, by definition, unknowable (a.k.a. bullshit)in exchange for money. When they are outright caught in a lie, they invent some excuse like, "It's allegorical!" Fuck religion!

Anonymous said...

Fuck religion, and fuck any kind of superstition that comes with it, or without it.

Any other songs like this one?

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