Saturday, May 17, 2008

May 1968 and Gore Vidal on Democracy Now!

     I've been out of the political loop for awhile. This is due to a combination of a rush of research related material that I've been needing to get done (I submitted my first paper this past month), finishing up the cycling season, and honestly, also due to the fact that I am nearly uninterested in the whole Obama vs Clinton war (unfortunately, that is all that anyone wants to talk about).

     However, I glanced at the Democracy Now! update that I get daily in my mailbox this week and noticed that they were going to talk about the spectacular events that occurred in France in May of 1968. I've read a good deal about these events in the past and always enjoy hearing more, even if it's just more of the same, because of how fascinating these events were and the hope it gives me that someday again everyday people will reach this level of political and social awareness.

     There's also a great interview by Amy Goodman of Gore Vidal. It's actually probably the most entertaining interview that I've ever seen her do. I really recommend both of these. They are from the show from this Wednesday and you can find them here. Check them out and if you're interested we can discuss them in the comments.

Note: Democracy Now! now has a wide variety of video selection formats to choose from (including torrent) that they didn't have a couple of months ago.


libhom said...

Glad to see you're back. Democracy Now rocks.

Mookie said...

That was a good segment. I like how the workers refused the halfway measures and instead demanded an end to exploitation in general. May 1968 was certainly an act and example of class consciousness. I only hope our generation can be so bold.