Friday, August 05, 2005

What is happiness?

    Well when I think of happiness I think it would be a psychological condition that could be brought on by a number of things: love, friendship, fulfillment of one's plans, good food, comedy, sex, pride, etc. But would it make sense to define happiness as one of these things, as if it were the only thing that mattered? Would I say Happiness is: People posting tremendous praise on my blog or Happiness is: A nice cup of coffee on a quiet morning? No, probably not, that would seem much too exclusionary. Or so you think. Actually, we're wrong, happiness can definitely be defined in terms of one objective

    Oh, so that's what it is! This is actually a bumper sticker that I saw two weeks ago when I was driving around Texas. While I'm definitely used to the fish, "worship god", and "real men love jesus" stickers, this particular bumper sticker really caught my eye. It's extremely frightening that someone would define happiness as the rest of the world being under so-called "god's" laws. Turns out it is made by a group called Kingdom Identity Ministries. They are an extremely racist, fundamentalist group from Arkansas. They also had the following attractive bumper stickers for sale


     Uh huh, sure they're not.


Anonymous said...

I'd like to offer tremendous praise on this post.

Anonymous said...

Can't thrill also be a form of happiness? I offer my praise as well.

Sloven Gadfly said...

Happiness is conditional - thats my statement. However the conditions vary from person to person. In some it means seeing good in everything around them, for some it means spouting hatred.

Unfortunatley, there are situations where someone is injured in the process, physically or mentally. Religions thrive on this. They will make you feel you are the trashiest of all thats ever been, and then seep religion into your life to make you feel that religion healed...bunch of BS lol.

Anonymous said...

Someone need to send all the people who wants "America under God's law" to Iran for about a year, so they can really get it thru their heads what it is they are talking about.

Also "Real men love Jesus" sticker always struck me as very odd coming from people who are so opposed to homosexuality... ;-)

Anonymous said...

What frightens me more is that they wouldn't have made those bumper-stickers if people weren't buying them. That means there are assholes driving around with these things. The "Real men love Jesus" stickers get me too. What is that even supposed to mean? Fake men hate Jesus? Unreal men love Satan? I doubt any nonchurch-going man has been persuaded by that one. It sounds so gay.
And if there were blog Oscars, then you Delta, would be nominated for Best Supporting Atheist, Best Female Atheist, and possibly Atheist Special Effects. Ofcourse, Hellbound Alleee would give you some stiff competition in the special effects department. I Am would probably win Best Male Atheist in a Lead Role, followed by Brian Flemming for Best Documentary. That's about as shameless as I can get with the praise :)

Delta said...

Yeah, those "real men love jesus" stickers get me too. I want to make a sticker that says something like "real men don't believe in fairy tales" but then my car would probably be vandalized.

would be nominated for Best Supporting Atheist, Best Female Atheist, and possibly Atheist Special Effects

Well, I'm flattered boywonder. I really didn't expect to win best female atheist though, considering I'm a male. But hell, a trophy's a trophy right?

Anonymous said...

OOps! Sorry Delta. I guess it's true you learn something new everyday. I don't know why I thought you were a girl. Is everyone else aware that you have a penis? lol! I've been reading your blog for a while now, and I can't figure out how that one slipped by. I thought I was just bad with names.

The Oscars are over-rated anyway :)

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should do a post on beer, sports, guns, and pussy (all from an atheist point-of-view, ofcourse). That would clear up any further confusion :P

Anonymous said...


"real men don't believe in fairy tales" is an excellent idea for a sticker. You should suggest it to people, I am sure they will make one.

I would however, be hesitant to put it up on my car as well - I can't afford to fix my car all the time and I have no faith ;-) in reasonableness (is it a word?) of local fundies...

Delta said...

Haha boywonder, maybe it's because my name ends in an "a"? Seems like most english names that end in "a" are feminine. That's what my fiancee guessed when I told her. And maybe I should make a post about those things you mentioned, just to clear some things up :)

You should suggest it to people, I am sure they will make one

That's a good idea, I'll let them know and see if they want to do anything about it. Thanks!